Nexans' products is certified by GAZPROMSERT

Expert work by specialists of ANO Gazpromenergodiagnostica was carried out to assess compliance with Russian Federal Standards of power equipment safety and operating conditions at the facilities of Gazprom JSC - the certification system of voluntary certification GAZPROMSERT (SDS GAZPROMSERT) products, "Cable products and products for end seals, connections and cable marking and wires" produced by Nexans.

According to the results of certification procedures certificates of compliance have been issued.

Information about the numbers of certificates of conformity, the name of the certified products and expiry dates of certificates will be posted on the System of voluntary certification GAZPROMSERT, in the "Declaration of conformity for products issued by the System GAZPROMSERT".

Authorized company for supplies of Nexans products to objects of Gazprom JSC with full technical, warranty and after sales support for the customers is Impex Electro LLC.

All interested organizations can pay attention for the information placed in the "CONFIRMATION OF THE POWER EQUIPMENT" Online Ltd. "GazpromEnergoKontrol" (

In order to improve the regulatory framework of Gazprom JSC in the area of operation and development of energy facilities of the Company, as well as eliminating duplication of conformity assessment procedures for approval and certification of power equipment, approval procedures of power equipment to October 1, 2011 is carried out only in the form of a certification system voluntary certification GAZPROMSERT. All approvals are valid until the expiration specified in the certificate. For more information on approved and certified equipment can be found in "Registry".

...In order to protect facilities energy management subsidiaries of Gazprom JSC, power equipment, supplied to the production facilities of Gazprom JSC, selected for presentation at the tender on the basis of conformity certification by SDS GAZPROMSERT ...".